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How To Generate Signed Apk Using Android Studio

Google Play Store and Package manger of Android devices require APK which is digitally signed with a valid certificate for uploading and installing an application. Such APKs known as  Signed APKs. A signed APK can identify its developer. In this tutorial i will explain you how to sign an APK using Android Studio’s singing tool.

By default Android Studio generates debug APK while we build/run our application which generates an unsigned version of the APK. But in Android Studio we have a built-in tool to generate Signed APK. To start the process of Signing APK please follow the Steps shown below,Step 1: Open APK Signing ToolIn the sajian bar, click Build > Generate Signed Bundle/APK.

Please open the APK signing tool window by clicking the sajian option Generate Signed APK from the Build menu tab.

In the Generate Signed Bundle or APK dialog, select APK and click Next.

We can use any of the above options to generate singed APK but in this tutorial, i choose APK.Step dua: Create A New Keystore

This for the developers who are not yet created a keystore file. You have to fill few fields here for creating a certificate for the APK.

Following 4 values need to be kept confidential and the generated jks arsip need to backup for future app updating.Key store path (Location where we save the .jks arsip)Key store passwordKey aliasKey password

If you are getting error like below,Key was created with errors:Warning: Different store and Key passwords not supported for PKCS12 Key storesThen you have to understand that it is a known bug in Android Studio 4.2Original source:

To workaround this issue, please enter same password for both key and keystore.Step tiga: Sign APK with Key

Please enter the details that you have created in the above step. Before proceed don’t forget to mark the checkbox to remember passwords.

Next time on wards you can choose the jks file.Step 4: Choose Build Variant

In the below window, we have to select the build variant and Signature Versions. Since we are sign the APK for Google Play Store for release purpose, we have to choose release

Google recommend to choose V2 (Full APK Signature). It is ok to choose both options V1 and V2.

Click on Finish to start the singing process. It will take few minutes to generate the signed APK.Step lima: Wait For Signed APK

Usually Android Studio notifies you with a popup alert with a link pointing to the APK location where signed APK generated. But to not to miss the notification, please open Event log

Please click on the locate link so it will open up signed APK location window.Locate Signed APK Manually

Usually singed APK created under the following location,

Project root folder > app > release

Now the signed APK is ready. You can copy and upload the app-release.apk arsip to Google Play Store.Video Tutorial

For quick and easy understanding of the above mentioned process, i have recorded a video. Hope this video will solve all the doubts may arise in your mind while reading the above tutorial.

Important : Once an app in Google Playstore uploaded with a keystore file then you have to sign all future versions of APK with the same keystore file. Otherwise Google Playstore will give error saying “Wrong certificate”. So please keep it in version repository or in backup storage.

Thank you.Was this tutorial helpful for you ?yes   no

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